Life in Sithonia

Life in Sithonia

  • Things to do in Sithonia

    Ideally located in the center of Sithonia, Neos Marmaras allows you to get to know all the beauty of Sithonia very easily. By travelling short distances, you are able to visit nearby villages and towns, wonderful beaches, hike and admire beautiful landscapes, but also to get in touch with the artist inside you. There is so much to see and do, that a single visit to Sithonia and La Luna Studios would definitely not be enough for you!



    Escape the normal while visiting cosmopolitan places



    In just 20 km from Neos Marmaras (about 20-30 minutes by car), you can find the seaside town of Nikiti. With its beautiful promenade, its market that offers a variety of options for food and drink, is a splendid choice for a day’s excursion from your base. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the old village of Nikiti, tour its alleys and enjoy local delicacies in one of its tavernas.

     nikiti nikiti old


    Toroni/Porto Koufo

    Toroni is located 23 km south of Neos Marmaras and it is an ideal choice for a daily trip nearby your base at La Luna Studios. Do not forget to sunbathe on its large beach. Walk along it, and admire the surviving part of the castle, which was part of the ancient city of Toroni. Enjoy your swim and breakfast on the beach, and then visit the closed bay of Porto Koufo (just 1 km from Toroni) to indulge in fine fish in its famous fish taverns!




    Of course, there is more to see and discover in Sithonia! The town of Sykia and its surrounding area of beaches is a splendid choice for yet another day’s road trip from Neos Marmaras. You can cover the distance of just 24 km between Sykia and Neos Marmaras while admiring the picturesque hills and the sea beneath them. When you arrive in Sykia, a town with its traditional essence well-preserved, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy your morning coffee in one of its cafes. Sykia is located at the southern tip of Sithonia and has easy access to several excellent beaches, with the largest being the beach of Sykia. In most of these beaches there is an organized as well as a free section. Also, the coastal town of Sarti is located in a short distance from Sykia, stretching along the sea front. Take a walk along the sea there and indulge in fine Greek delicacies. 

    sarti  sarti 2


    Vourvourou/Diaporos island

    Vourvourou is a tourist resort located at the northeastern tip of Sithonia and just 33 km from Neos Marmaras and La Luna Studios. It is a settlement with many cottages and other accommodation. If you have at your disposal a private or rented car, it is a destination that should not be missing from your list while you spend your holidays in Halkidiki. Vourvourou stretches along the beach, where you can find beautiful restaurants and taverns with fresh fish often caught that very morning! It is located opposite a complex of nine islands, among which the largest, Diaporos, is famous for its enchanting beaches. On this island, which can be reached by boat (rented from Vourvourou), there is a natural bay with shallow crystal clear waters, as well as ruins of pre-Byzantine buildings.

    vourvourou diaporos diaporos 2


    Visiting a different beach every other day!

    Sithonia beaches are the crown jewel of Halkidiki and among the most beautiful in Greece, but also one of the most recognized worldwide for their water quality. Most of them are awarded the special honor of the “Blue Flag” for many consecutive years by the Blue Flag program, which demonstrates both the quality of the sea and the level of services offered to visitors.

    While in Sithonia, you can literally visit a different beach every other day and still leave many of them for you next visit! There are beaches for every taste and liking. From Neos Marmaras and La Luna Studios one can visit in a short time the following beautiful beaches:



    free part

    beach bar


    Cohi (Porto Carras)

    2 km



    6 km


    14 km


    14 km


    St. Ioannis

    17 km



    18 km



    20 km


    20 km


    21 km



    33 km


    35 km


    42 km



    44 km


    51 km


    54 km


    Portokali (Orange beach)

    56 km



    Discover Sithonia with your own or a rented vehicle!

    Located right in the middle of the Sithonia coastline, La Luna Studios allow you to explore the whole peninsula with your own or rented vehicle and discover all its hidden jewels, from the Kalamitsi Coast to the famous beaches of Tigania and Kavourotripes, and all this without wasting your whole day traveling! Each town of Sithonia is less than an hour away from La Luna Studios and Neos Marmaras. If you do not have your own vehicle, you can rent a vehicle at an office. Indicatively, you can visit some of the following websites to held you with renting a vehicle:

     rent car rant car 2


    For the bike or bicycle lovers

    If you thought that Sithonia is only known for its magnificent beaches, you cannot be more that wrong! Its countryside and mountains hide countless beauties and hidden treasures that can be explored by motorcycle or bicycle). Rent your bike (see here for Neos Marmaras and here for Nikiti) and explore the Sithonia hills! There are many delimited routes (you can find some here and here) which you can follow and enjoy the beauty and the excellent sea view!

    If you are interested in renting a bike or e-scooter, see here:

     bike bicycle bike bicycle 2


    See Halkidiki from the sea!

    From your residence at La Luna Studios and Neos Marmaras you have the opportunity to live the ultimate summer experience: To admire the dazzling Sithonia, but also Kassandra and Mount Athos, by the sea. You can rent a private boat and tour the beautiful beaches of Toroneos gulf, both in Neos Marmaras and Nikiti as well as in the area of ​​Vourvourou. Indicatively see:

    If you wish to participate in an organized daily cruise, many agencies are here to serve you. You can travel to see up close the island of Kelifos that resembles a giant sea turtle, the small Spalathronisia and the beaches in the areas Azapiko, Galini and Koutsoupia. You can book here the cruise of your choice. These cruises start and end in Neos Marmaras and visit various nearby beaches as well as the Kassandra Peninsula.

    For those who wish to gaze up close to the Orchard of Panagia, Mount Athos, should travel to Vourvourou. From there, summer cruises from various agencies (see here and here), give you the opportunity to admire the enchanting monasteries of Mount Athos, which are majestically clinging on the rocks. Save a day off from your vacation at La Luna Studios for such an experience!

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    The seabed of Sithonia is as enchanting as its beaches

    Are you a fan of extreme sports and scuba diving? The seabed of Sithonia invites you to explore it! Either at the diving center located inside Porto Carras Grand Resort, just a few minutes from Neos Marmaras and La Luna Studios, or in Nikiti, and Sarti, Kalamitsi, your choices are innumerable. Leave a day from your diary to wear a diving suit!

     scuba diving scuba diving 2


    Concerts / music events / festivals

    You do not have to be an art lover to be enchanted by the feeling of a concert or a show under the full moon of August, while the cool breeze blows all around. Sithonia and Halkidiki in general, offers you many choices of performances, concerts and events, to choose what you like and combine your vacation with learning more about Greek (and not only) culture. From the August events in Polygyros (just 55 km from Neos Marmaras) and the festival "Thalassa" in Nea Moudania (60 km from Neos Marmaras), to the well-known Earth Free Festival ( in the area of ​​Azapiko, just 10 Km from Neos Marmaras, the options are countless and invite you to discover them. You can find more information about summer festivals here and here

    festival free earth festival