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  • Our story

    La Luna Studios have been operating for 18 years, since 2003. Our facilities are located in Neos Marmaras, Halkidiki, on the Sithonia peninsula, which is famous for its amazing blue-green-colored beaches that blend perfectly with the lush pine forest that stretches along its entire length. Neos Marmaras, the largest and most cosmopolitan seaside town of Sithonia, is located in the center of the peninsula, thus allowing La Luna Studios visitors to discover the magic of the whole of Sithonia extremely easily, while based in La Luna Studios. The facilities are is within walking distance of both the main beach of Neos Marmaras, just 60 meters away, as well as the city center and market (about 200-300 meters away). 



    Nearby facilities

    The strategic location of La Luna Studios enables our guests to cover every need without getting tired or traveling long distances. Just a few meters off the facilities there is a variety of shops, where our guests can have breakfast, lunch or dinner and shop. More specifically, while at La Luna Studios, guests have easy access to:

    • Super markets: 20m 
    • Bakeries: 20-50m
    • Kiosks/mini markets: 30m
    • Fast food and tavernas: 20-40m
    • Restaurants: 30-50m
    • Main beach: 60m

    Furthermore, the following interest points in Neos Marmaras are easily accessible while at La Luna Studios, either on foot or by vehicle: 

    • Center/market: 100-300m
    • Neos Marmaras Church: 300m
    • Neos Marmaras port: 500m
    • Paradisos beach:1500 m
    • Porto Carras Grand Resort: 2000 m



    Useful contacts

    • Agios Nikolaos Heath Center: 2375350000
    • Halkidiki General Hospital: 2371350100 (website)
    • Agios Nikolaos Police Station: 2375032410
    • Neos Marmaras Municipality (information): 2375072006
    • Pharmacy stores: (1) 2375071579 (2) 2375071579 (3) 2375071579



    Emergency Services in Greece:

    • Police: 100
    • Fire Service: 199
    • Emergency medical assistance: 166
    • Coast Guard: 108
    • Tourist Police: 171
    • European Emergency Number: 112
    • Poison Center: 210 7793777



    How to get to La Luna Studios

    If you travel on you own vehicle: Initiating from Thessaloniki, you should use the national motorway connecting Thessaloniki to Nea Moudania. At the intersection of the Kassandra-Sithonia, please turn towards Sithonia, and enter the provincial road connecting Nea Moudania to Polygyros. Once arriving to Neos Marmaras, please use entrance A and continue along the main road. The facilities are located 50 meters after Neos Marmaras primary School.



    Other means to get to La Luna Studios:



    Indicative distances from La Luna Studios: 

    • Thessaloniki Airoport “Macedonia”:108 km
    • Thessaloniki Rail Station:119 km
    • Halkidiki Bus Station:110 km



    More useful contacts: 

    • Thessaloniki Airoport “Macedonia” (information): 2310985000  (website)
    • Thessaloniki Rail Station: 2310599421, 2310599035
    • Thessaloniki Bus Station: 2310595400, 2310595421 (website)
    • Halkidiki Bus Station: 2310316555 (website)