La Luna Studios, Feels Like Home

About us

  • Operating since 2003, Luna Studios in Neos Marmaras offers you a unique opportunity to get to know the enchantments of Halkidiki and the beauty of the Sithonia peninsula, which brings the glamor of Greek islands in breathing steps from the country’s co-capital, Thessaloniki. Based in the beautiful town of Neos Marmaras, La Luna Studios allows guests to easily explore the amazing, sandy beaches of Sithonia, both those famous and cosmopolitan, as well as the hidden treasures that can be found in every creek throughout the peninsula.

    We call you to gift a bit of peace and relaxation to yourself and your family by visiting La Luna Studios and enjoying the touch of the sun on each of the 18 beaches in Sithonia that are awarded with the iconic Blue Flag Award. Here, you can combine your desire for the sea with your love for the mountain by making a visit to the traditional settlement of Parthenonas, only 7 km away from New Marmaras, and spend one -or more- afternoons admiring the beautiful view of the Toroneos gulf stretching at your feet.

    La Luna Studios started operating in 2003 in Neos Marmaras, Halkidiki. We are located on a small slope above the town’s football stadium, in and a stone's throw from the main beach. At the same time, the center of Neos Marmaras, with its cosmopolitan squares, beautiful shops and intense summer life, is just five minutes away on foot! Built with passion and love, decorated with style, and with personal artistic touches springing up in every corner, La Luna Studios is a summer destination that takes everyone’s breath away and is the basis around which you can build your next unforgettable summer experience.

    Greece means hospitality, and hospitality means La Luna Studios

    If one word could describe the philosophy of how we run La Luna Studios, that would be “hospitality”. Our guests are offered the experience of a family-like stay each time they visit our accommodation. Many of them return again and again, establishing strong bonds with the place and us. As a family-run business, all of us at La Luna Studios understand the importance of warm, family-like atmosphere, and we aim to make our guests feel like they are relaxing at home, in the company of their own people.

    We are people who love their homeplace and want to honor it by trying to meet our guests’ expectations, thus honoring -in our own way- Xenios Zeus and the Greek culture that resonates around the world and makes our country known for its hospitality. From the hearty welcoming, the freshly-made iced coffee, to the homemade oil, honey and the fresh vegetables from our garden, we make sure that our guests feel like members of a beautiful Greek family!

    We heartfully invite you to an unforgettable hospitality experience at La Luna Studios!