Neos Marmaras, God’s Talisman

Neos Marmaras, God’s Talisman

  • Neos Marmaras is one of the largest towns on the Sithonia peninsula in Halkidiki. It was founded in 1924 by refugees who settled in the area coming from the island of Propontis located in the Sea of ​​Marmara

    Neos Marmaras is a cosmopolitan town that attracts thousands of tourists every summer, thanks to its fascinating, crystal-clear, blue-green colored shores and its amphitheatric location, as it is built on three hills, with four small bays stretching in front of it. In the first bay you can find traditional fish taverns serving wonderful dishes literally by the sea. In the second and third bays consist of the center of Neos Marmaras with its two squares and the market, night shops, cafes, restaurants and folk art shops, all of which make you think you are visiting a cosmopolitan Greek island. The central beach stretches over the fourth bay and it is is home to a lot of facilities determined to serve guests enjoying their holidays by the sea, from beautiful restaurants to organized beach bars, as well as a diving center for curious explorers of the of the seabed.




    Neos Marmaras has two large beaches, the main beach and Paradisos beach. Both beaches are awarded a Blue Flag, with crystal clear sea, beautiful sand, and well-trained lifeguards. Both have an organized section with beach bars, which can serve the needs of even the most demanding visitor. However, if you wish to relax on your own, a large part of both beaches is free for bathers to enjoy.

    Tip 1: Enjoy swimming in one of the enchanting beaches of Neos Marmaras and then try a dish of fine fish (grilled of fried) in one of the fish taverns located along them. There is nothing better than a little fish and ouzo after a swim in the sea!

    Tip 2: Do not miss the opportunity to make a night visit to the sea, which is when the sea is warm enough!

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    Food and nightlife

    It is no coincidence that Neos Marmaras is the most cosmopolitan place in Sithonia. When it comes to food and entertainment, everyone will find something they like and enjoy it to the fullest. Traditional taverns serving fresh fish straight from the Toroneos gulf, family restaurants that offer gastronomic delights, but also snack bars that offer authentic Greek delicacies and Italian cuisine, compose a mosaic of flavors that are sure to satisfy even visitors with the most demanding tastes. There is a similar variety in nightlife. The visitor can choose between cafes, lounge bars, but also night clubs.

    Tip 1: Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy authentic Greek dishes, the flavor of which elevates through the gourmet inspirations of the restaurants of Neos Marmaras.

    Tip2: Sweet or not, a cocktail (or two, or three, we don’t judge!) overlooking the sea is something you should add to your list.

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    The market

    In the two large squares of Neos Marmaras you can find many shops with various items, from souvenirs to clothing, jewelry, but also traditional products.

    Tip 1: Do not miss the opportunity to try and buy some olive oil, honey and wine from local producers in Sithonia. You will find their products in many stores in the market

    Tip 2: Admire the panoramic view of Toroneos Gulf from the yard of Neos Marmaras’ Church, one of the oldest and most historic buildings in the town. If you are looking for the perfect place to get married, then you will probably find it there.

    neos marmaras shops 


    Porto Carras Grand Resort

    The facilities of the five-star Porto Carras Grand Resort are within 5 minutes distance -by car- from the town of Neos Marmaras. One of the most famous hotels in Northern Greece, it has a marina, golf course, spa facilities, and many other shops as well as activities, which can fascinate every visitor. It is easily accessible by car (just two kilometers away) or by sea, with boats that make frequent daily cruises (every 30 minutes or an hour) from the main square of Neos Marmaras to Porto Carras Grand Resort.

    Tip 1: The evening visit to Porto Carras Grand Resort by sea is something you should definitely not miss, while you stay in Neos Marmaras.

    Tip 2: Do not miss the opportunity to visit the award-winning vineyard of Porto Carras and taste its fine wines in a wine tasting night!

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    porto carras



    Parthenon, where the Toroneos Gulf is within your hands

    Just 10 minutes from Neos Marmaras by car, hidden on the mountain is the traditional settlement Parthenon. The magnificent view of the Toroneos gulf, the stone-built restored houses and its square, as well as its traditional taverns compose a magnificent setting that no visitor should miss.

    Tip 1: Make sure you reach the Parthenon at a convenient time to enjoy the sunset. The panoramic view of Toroneos Bay will compensate your efforts.

    Tip 2: Combine the sunset with your favorite food or drink. It is an experience you will never forget.

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    Other activities in N. Marmaras:

    • Spend a day of your stay enjoying the enchanting Pantelis daily cruises. The starting point is from the central square of Neos Marmaras and the cruise heads to Kassandra peninsula and the area of ​​Pefkochori. For more information see here
    • Routes for walk lovers: Who said that Neos Marmaras consists of only its beaches? The Walking Team of Neos Marmaras has organized many mountainous walking routes for nature lovers, through which you can get acquainted with the mountain stretching over Neos Marmaras and admire its beauties! For more information see here
    • Parthenon Film Festival: Do not miss the opportunity to relax while watching cinema in the idyllic stone-built square of the Parthenon settlement, just 10 minutes by car from Neos Marmaras. Stay tuned to Film Festival news via its Facebook page
    • Introduction to History: History lovers can immerse themselves in the historical course of the place in the Folklore Museum of the Parthenon, which is located in the old stone-built primary school of the Parthenon, which is a building of 1908. The Museum is of particular interest to all visitors, as the tradition of the inhabitants is projected, through the exhibition of utensils, costumes and photographs of the early 20th century and earlier.
    • Diving Experiences: If you are a fan of underwater life, or if you want to experience diving once in your life, your dream can come true in Neos Marmaras. Just contact Poseidon diving Academy on their Facebook page. They are located within the Porto Carras Grand Resort, two kilometers away from Neos Marmaras. Combine your vacation with an unforgettable experience!

    More and detailed useful information can be found on the official website of the Tourist Association of Neos Marmaras as well as on the following pages:



    A different kind of vacation: Easter in Neos Marmaras!

    Orthodox Easter is an ideal opportunity to visit Neos Marmaras and La Luna Studios, and to combine a short relaxation from your daily life with the immersion of these Holy Days. Attend the Passion Service at the Holy Temple of Neos Marmaras, and celebrate the Resurrection with its inhabitants on the night of Holy Saturday.  Orthodox Easter occurs usually from late April to early May. The weather and temperatures at this time are ideal for exploring Sithonia, but also for those who dare to try the sea! This time of the year is perfect for those seeking a quiet stay, as Neos Marmaras is less crowded compared to the summer. Contact La Luna Studios and ask for our availability and offers for the days of Orthodox Easter!

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